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Choosing a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Though medical marijuana is legal in California, there are still rules when it comes to qualifying for a medical marijuana card, therefore it is very important to understand state laws, and if you are facing a legitimate condition (such as HIV, Crohn’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, etc.) which would allow for the use of medicinal marijuana, you will need a medical marijuana license which would be able to verify that you are indeed suffering from a qualifying medical condition and need marijuana to overcome or relieve it. In order to get this, you have to see and get an evaluation from a medical marijuana doctor, and choosing a the right doctor is a very important step as you need to make sure you choose a real one if you do not want to get into trouble with your mmj card.

Choosing a marijuana doctor can be overwhelming as there are plenty you can find online, but how can you find out about your doctor’s legitimacy? This is where you should do a little research about these clinics which claim that they are legal and licensed. There are a few steps for you to follow when it comes to choosing a medical marijuana doctor to ensure they are in compliance with state laws to prevent you from getting into any problems with the law.

Perhaps the best way of choosing a medical marijuana doctor is to ask friends or relatives who are suffering from the same condition as you. They might know of a legitimate and trusted clinic, and be sure to ask them about their experiences with using their mmj card when it comes to getting medicine as well as obtaining the medical marijuana evaluation.

A licensed medicinal marijuana doctor will ususally not give a recommendation simply through phone calls or online. It may be possible to do it that way if they require official documents from public health facilities like hospitals or your primary physician, but definitely make sure you get a real medical marijuana card if you go this route. You should also ask them for their license number so you could check them out, and if they are unable to give it to you, there may be something amiss and you should avoid them.

Be sure to be careful when choosing a medical marijuana doctor as choosing a false and unlicensed one might land you into trouble with authorities, even if you are suffering from a legitimate condition as allowed by law. All things being equal, it’s always better to have a medical marijuana card than to not, though. At least you can say you tried in good faith.

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